Creative Industries Future Leaders Incubator (CIFLI)


70+ topics from 11 areas of business.


Develop your leadership skills.


Set up financially sustainable creative industries projects.


The Creative Industries Future Leaders Incubator (CIFLI - pronounced "chiefly") is a first-of-its-kind initiative that combines advanced business skills training with project generation.

It is a counterpoint to the perception that artists need to starve. They don't. They just need to get better at finding food.

Course participants:

  • learn leadership skills
  • deepen their knowledge of business
  • set up creative industry businesses and projects with financial sustainability at their centre

The course runs for 6 months, consisting of 22 workshops which include lectures, activities, guest speakers and project development. Over 70 topics are covered.

There are five distinct phases:

  1. Foundations: learning the key leadership and business skills needed to succeed
  2. Ideation: creating and exploring project and business ideas
  3. The business case: developing business cases to prove the idea has strong potential to be financially sustainable
  4. Shark tank: pitching your projects to a panel of business experts
  5. Project work: building your creative industry projects or businesses with support and guidance from the facilitators.

The course covers topics in the following areas:

Markets | Systems | Leadership | Business skills | Digital business | Marketing | Money | Output optimisation | Perspectives | Professionalism  | Communications + relationships

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