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I am the Principal of Arts Business Academy, an educational body which offers business and innovation training for creatives. I developed the Creative Career Health Check, a rating system that shows artists how well their careers are tracking, and offer career coaching.

As Founding Producer of The Monologue Project, I offer performance coaching, produce live shows and host a bank of award-winning monologues. I'm working towards the world record for most monologues published.

In 2020, I established World Monologue Games, a global acting event that attracted 3,000 participants from 85 countries in its first year.

In 2021, I also set up World Monologue Film Festival, a unique challenge where films must have 1 actor only, be shot in 1 continuous take and run for 1-2.5 minutes.

I am co-founder and Business Development Manager for Sydney Foreign Actors Association, an advocacy group for, well, foreign actors in Sydney!

Bad Powers is an animation series where I work as writer, director and Executive Producer.

The Casting Cartel is the world's first dedicated virtual casting agency. I am their Australian Partner.

Crash Test Drama is an artist development program which runs play readings of new 10-minute scripts.

I am a playwright, fiction author, freelance film director/producer and offer training courses in playwriting, acting and career development.

Keeps me off the streets, all this.

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